Our mission

The mission of Elimu is to enable, empower and enhance the capacity of marginalized groups by linking them with development opportunities and the social components necessary to alleviate the pernicious effects of poverty.

Elimu promotes Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD) programs from birth to age eight, imparting knowledge and skills of positive childcare, pre-primary education, and the overall development of small children.


Elimu Community Light is a registered non-governmental, non-profit community based organization with registration No OONGO/1699 dedicated to the empowerment of marginalized groups in Arusha and the nation of Tanzania. We are dedicated to improving the livelihood of young children at the grassroots level in the areas of education, health, care and protection.

Our overall goal is to build the capacity of vulnerable groups so they are able to liberate themselves and overcome obstacles hindering their development as individuals, as well as the community and nation as a whole. To accomplish this our organization relies on Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) programs where communities are taught to understand the value of investing in youth from the earliest stages of life, and obtain the critical skills necessary for positive childhood development.

Our belief

We are guided by two key beliefs:  (1) The foundation of adulthood is built in early childhood.


(2) The developing nation depends on the education, development and skills of its citizens.

If the critical cycle of disease, ignorance and poverty is ever going to be broken, it needs to start with a solid investment in the future. It is in this way that Elimu pursues its primary activities and strives for quality, affordable and accessible programs and services for local communities.

Current Elimu pursues its program in Arusha region with hope to expand to other regions in Tanzania.

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